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One of our core areas of expertise is the provision of recruitment and management consultancy, and we have built up over more than four decades of experience in this highly competitive field. We provide quality and value by structuring high impact teams which consist of professionals with exceptional abilities that not only fit the client's business needs, but are mindful of the social and cultural environment of the MENA region.

We establish a trust-based relationship with our clients, and then work hand-in-hand with them to implement their requirements - whether brainstorming new ideas, assisting with the set-up of new operations, undertaking restructuring or activating expansion plans. Whatever our clients' needs we have a policy of continuous improvement and constantly strive to better ourselves in the workplace by adhering to a series of global 'best practices', including the use of a state-of-the-art online database and an excellent inhouse developed CRM.

As part of our recruitment and management consultancy expertise, we offer the following services to our clients in the Accounting, Banking and Finance, Construction, Consumer Products, E-commerce, Education, Engineering, Healthcare, Information Technology, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Professional Services, Retail, Shipping and Logistics, Travel and Hospitality sectors:

  • Recruitment and Executive Search
  • Advertising and Screening Campaigns
  • Wage and Compensation Surveys
  • HR Policies

As a result of our extensive marketing and advertising network, our website - www.nadia-me.com - receives more than 7000 visits per day from potential candidates across the globe. We also field a vast number of telephone calls and emails from applicants from countries all over the world. Our ability to generate so many leads is only matched by our ability to handle them all, and therefore we offer our clients two choices; branded or unbranded campaigns.

Branded campaigns feature your company's logo or corporate identity, and the responses can be dealt with by your internal resources, although many of our clients prefer us to screen the applicants on their behalf. Non branded campaigns are run under the NADIA banner ensuring that we handle the responses generated and you do not receive cold calls from interested applicants or sales people.

Whichever method you prefer, we are available to handle telephone and email responses, receive and sort resumes, and pre-interview candidates we feel may be appropriate for the position. All suitable resumes are sorted into three easily-to-handle groups:

  • Candidates most suited to your specifications
  • Candidates who could be developed for each position
  • Candidates not suitable for your current opening but who may be relevant for future use

In order to attract and retain the best employees, it is essential that a company is able to offer a competitive salary that is in line with those of similar businesses. It all comes back to basic economics - if a company is paying under the going rate they will struggle to attract quality employees, resulting in a high staff turnover and the likely retention of only the underperforming employees. Conversely, paying over the going rate damages your business by denting profitability. Our Wage and Compensation Survey is therefore extremely valuable as it allows you to determine fair yet competitive salaries suitable for each pay grade. We provide detailed comparisons of your industry's common compensation parameters, and package this together with comprehensive information about the market salaries for a range of given positions. On completion of the survey, we present you with a Wage and Compensation Analysis Report for all vacancies.

As a company grows it is important to define processes and put policies and procedures into a formalised system. At NADIA we can outline the requirements each business needs to adhere to in order to run a properly structured organisation which adheres to all local and regional employment legalities. A standard HR Policy Manual would cover:

  • General Definitions and Policies
  • Employment Policies
  • Human Resources Development Policies
  • Employee Counselling and Progressive Discipline Policies
  • Performance Appraisal and Job Evaluation
  • Wage Compensation
  • Benefits and Policies