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Abu Dhabi
Salary - AED :
35000 / Month
Experience :
18 Years
Benefits :
visa and insurance

A leading civil contracting division seeks to hire a Commercial Division Manager for Abu Dhabi division. Successful incumbent will oversee and spearhead major input namely, providing strategic leadership and direction to the estimation, contracts and procurement, PMV, and Stores departments. This role involves overseeing commercial operations, negotiating contracts, managing procurement activities, and optimizing financial performance to support the company's objectives.  


1)  Strategic Leadership: 

• Developing and implementing strategic plans for the Estimation, Contracts and Procurement, PMV, and Stores departments in alignment with the company's goals, 

objectives and strategies. 

• Providing strategic direction and guidance to department heads to ensure effective execution of commercial activities aligned with company’s strategies.  

• Monitoring project budgets and financial performance to identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements. 

2)  Contract Management: 

• Leading contract negotiations with clients, suppliers, subcontractors, and other stakeholders to secure favorable terms and conditions. 

• Overseeing the drafting, review, and approval of contracts to ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. 

• Monitoring contract performance and enforce contract terms to mitigate risks and optimize outcomes. Monitoring Subcontractors performance for action, if necessary. 

3) Procurement Management: 

• Developing procurement strategies to support project requirements and organizational goals. 

• Managing the procurement process from vendor selection and bidding to contract award and supplier relationship management (pricing negotiations, and contract management). 

• Ensuring timely procurement of materials, equipment, and services to support project schedules and budgets.


 Estimation and Cost Management

• Overseeing the estimation process to accurately assess project costs and prepare competitive bids and proposals. 

• Analyzing project budgets and cost estimates to identify cost-saving opportunities and optimize resource allocation. 

• Monitoring project costs throughout the project lifecycle and implement cost control measures as needed. 

5) Fleet and Inventory Management: 

• Overseeing the PMV department to ensure efficient management and maintenance of company-owned vehicles and equipment (deployment of equipment and vehicles for project needs). 

• Managing the Stores department to optimize inventory levels, storage of materials and supplies to ensure availability of materials and supplies to support project requirements and minimize costs. 

6) Compliance and Risk Management: 

• Ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards in all commercial activities. 

• Identifying, assessing commercial risks and developing risk mitigation strategies to protect the company's interests.

• Implementing internal controls and procedures to promote transparency, accountability, and integrity in commercial operations. 

7) Stakeholder Engagement: 

• Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders, including clients, suppliers, subcontractors, and regulatory authorities.

• Collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to address commercial issues, resolve conflicts, and achieve project objectives. 

8) Performance Monitoring and Reporting: 

• Monitoring departmental performance against key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets. 

• Preparing and presenting regular reports on commercial performance, project costs, procurement status, and other relevant metrics to senior management. 

9) Team Leadership and Development: 

• Providing leadership, guidance, and supporting to department heads and commercial teams to foster a culture of excellence, collaboration, and continuous improvement. 

• Identifying training and development needs for commercial staff and implement initiatives to enhance their skills and capabilities. 

10) Continuous Improvement: 

• Identifying opportunities for process improvement, cost reduction, and efficiency enhancement in commercial operations. 

• Leading initiatives to implement best practices, streamline workflows, and drive operational excellence across the organization.  

• Collaborating with other departments to streamline commercial processes and drive operational excellence. 


1. Strategic Planning: Developing the department's annual vision, objectives, and KPIs aligned with Force10's vision.

2. Governance and Standards: Aligning governance frameworks with internal standards and implementing business strategies.

3. Operational Management: Managing day-to-day operations, ensuring smooth functioning during breaks or staff leaves to sustain performance.

4. Objective Achievement: Achieving department objectives through effective time management and addressing staff requests promptly.

5. Support and Coordination: Providing administrative, strategic, and operational support for internal and external activities.

6. Budgeting and Growth: Proposing budgets, reviewing opportunities for new services, and contributing to Force10’s growth.

7. Communication and Meetings: Communicating updates to the Line Manager, conducting regular meetings, and offering feedback. Facilitating community outreach efforts and staying informed about Force10 developments.

8. Continuous Improvement: Leading the strategic plan, implementing improvements including proposing policies, procedures and design work flows within the department, and supporting Force10's self-evaluation.

9. Reporting and Escalation: Reporting operational activities to Senior Management and identifying staff development needs.

10. Leadership and Accountability: Enforcing discipline, conducting meetings, and providing feedback and performance reviews regularly to reporting staff. Demonstrating leadership in punctuality, monitoring tasks completion, ensuring punctuality, ethical behavior, transparency, and teamwork. In addition, reporting staff violations and taking appropriate actions.

11. Staff Development: Leading professional development, training, and performance reviews for direct subordinates. Supporting reporting staff in their continuous professional development and compliance with Force10's policies. Ensuring a well-implemented handover process during staff leaves among each other including executing approved succession plan by segregating tasks to team members.

12.Succession: Implementing and overseeing a strategic approach to succession planning, ensuring the effective segregation of tasks and responsibilities within the team, fostering a  resilient structure for seamless transitions and sustained operational excellence.

13. Overall Accountability: Accomplishing assigned tasks and ensuring a well- implemented handover process during leaves.

14. Adherence to Policies: Adhering to Force10's policies, including job hierarchy, code of conduct (maintaining regular attendance and punctuality) and dress code. Accomplishing any other assigned tasks by the line manager as required to support the efficient functioning of the department and achievement of organizational goals.