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Abu Dhabi
Salary - AED :
20000 / Month
Experience :
5 Years
Benefits :

Nadia's client, a well-established company is seeking an experienced and organized Household Manager. The incumbent will be responsible to assists employers with the demands of running large homes or households with complex needs. They should have excellent judgment regarding household maintenance and management, including hiring and managing service people and providing direction to other household staff.




The duties of a Household Manager may include the:


  • Overseeing the maintenance of a private home and ensuring that the household is always running smoothly, efficiently, harmoniously, and with high morale
  • Supervising and managing along with training the Household Staff (Butlers, Chefs, SPA, Barbers, Shisha & Coffee Makers, Private Trainers, etc.) while keeping the best interest of the House.
  • Ensuring smooth operation, peaceful working environment, meaningful and professional experience, and creative communication setting within the household.
  • Managing the household calendar or schedule including the necessary activities in the House and he/she will be directly accountable to the owner
  • Taking responsibility for the household inventory and overseeing the procurement of household goods, making sure that supplies are always replenished
  • Checking and overlooking the works of Household Staff as well as gardeners, vendors, and housekeepers who are associated in the House
  • Engaging and overseeing outside contractors, service providers, and suppliers
  • Looking and checking the requirements and necessities of the guest/s coming into the House
  • Maintaining security and communication systems and record keeping
  • Organizing social and family events. He/she will do all the necessary requisites along with looking up at the menu, drinks, and everything in compliance with the owner’s wish
  • Liaising with the administration office with regards to hiring, firing, performance reviews, and other requests of household staff; as well as to any administrative duties such as purchasing, budgeting, maintenance bills, and household reports
  • Arranging all aspects of moving house if the owner is moving
  • Performing any other tasks, within reason, required by the owner
  • Managing multiple responsibilities with efficiency and in a productive way